Monday, September 26, 2011

Fall is in full swing

We finally have our internet back up and running...that was a llllloooonnnggg month of no contact with the outside world.  So much has happened, I am going to try to quickly recap the entire month in one blog.  We have been in full swing with school this month.  We took a trip to the apple orchard with a great group of homeschooling families last week.  The kids had an awesome time.  I learned a very valuable lesson, apple picking is not a mommy only activity...I definitely need dad reinforcement for my sanity.  Cheerleading and soccer are both going great.  There are only 4 more games until the regular season of cheering is complete and I have to admit, I am ready to have my Saturdays back. 
My mom signed Elyse up to start clogging in the middle of all of the craziness.  That girl is booked solid all week long, although I always said I only wanted one sport per child per season she is handling the craziness the activities nicely. 
Our co-op that we are a part of is going nicely, the kids love their classes and all the teachers aka moms are doing a great job with them. 
Birthday season is upon us, Haven's birthday party is coming up and I am very excited!  She wants a polly pocket party...any suggestions on cake ideas??? 


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