Monday, March 16, 2009

Little moments

There are many times when being home with the girls by myself seems very overwhelming. But, the moment one of them cuddles on my lap and snuggles really close makes it all worth it. While I know my husband hates being away from us all week long and misses having these moments with the girls. I know that when he is able to return to us...whenever God's timing says it is right, he will remember all too much the wonderful feeling of snuggling up on a regular basis and this time will feel like it never happened. Or one can hope.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Maple Festival

Every year I say that we are going to the Maple Festival and every year I back out of the idea either because of location or weather, etc. However my previously mentioned determined child is now on board and has started counting down to Maple Festival time. And hubby is now on board with the idea also. In years past, he would be the first one to encourage me to change my mind. So we will be packing up and heading to Monterey on Saturday morning for breakfast and a day of crafting. With three kids in tow, how fun does that sound?