Monday, May 4, 2009

It is finally here!

The last week of Jamie working in Richmond that is. Starting towards the end of this week Jamie will be home for good. Never again will we think it is a good idea to take a job out of this area without all of us going at the same time. Never.
I hope that I don't look back on this last year and regret the decision we made. I want to remember all of the good points that were there. We both grew a great deal. While he lived with Sonya and Kelly he was able to learn so much and see an awesome Christian couple in action. That in itself makes this whole experience worth it. He also got to see the importance of placing his priority and trust in God and not man. Apparently God felt that the only way he would learn that is by sending him away for a year.
We also learned that Candy is not able to live in a different city than us, we need to be close enough to step in when necessary. Thank goodness we were able to learn that during non critical times.
I was able to learn that while it stinks to live without Jamie, in the event that we had to, we could make it. I feel more confident about my mothering skills now than I did before. I can do far more than I would have given myself credit for. I also realized that while I enjoy adult interaction, it is not near as necessary as I would have previously thought.
I am so excited to see what the next year holds in store for us. Amazingly enough, we both became far closer to each other than I would have thought possible since we were basically living in two separate living quarters.


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